Omaha Public School's Transition Program


Transition Program


Omaha Public School's Transition Program

Transition planning is the process of preparing your student for the move from high school into the adult community. Planning for this transition involves the student, the student's family and the school staff working together to build a plan that will address your student's individual needs.

The Omaha Public School's Transition Program offers a variety of services for secondary students with disabilities, ages 18 - 21, who have completed their high school program with a certificate of completion or have not yet received their high school diploma. The type of services provided are an IEP team recommendation based upon your student's unmet transition needs.


Program Goals:

Instruction in the OPS Transition Program is individually designed to assist students in meeting their transition goals and objectives in the areas of:

  • Vocational Development
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Community Participation
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Post-Secondary Education or Training

Related services are provided as determined by each student's IEP team at their transition IEP meeting in the spring of their senior year in high school.  This meeting includes the high school IEP team, a transition teacher or a special education supervisor and any involved agencies.  This IEP team creates your child's transition plan, based upon individual needs and personal preferences.


Contact Us

Shana Frodyma
Program Director
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Veronica Torraca-Bragdon
Teacher Leader 
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Michelle Samson

Program Nurse 

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